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Are you a high energy traveler? Or are you into sight-seeing? Fill out a short questionnaire on your travel style that we'll use to find your ideal Travel Guide match.

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unique travel style

Our Guides are a mix of travel bloggers, influencers and enthusiasts! We make sure to match you with someone who has not only traveled to your destination but has similar personal interests as well.

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Travel Guide

You'll be matched with a Travel Guide within 24 hours. Book time on their calendar to map out recommendations based on your interests and activity levels. Let the convo flow!

Curate your experience

On average, travelers spend

10+ hours planning their trips.

Pillar cuts that by over 90%.

Based on your preliminary travel style survey, we match you with a Travel Guide who's knowledgeable about your destination and travel preferences. From there, you'll book a call to discuss: 

  • Personalized recommendations based on what you want to do at your destination

  • Tips and cultural things to note

  • Personal travel insights and anecdotes from a travel expert / peer


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